Read, Reflect, Review & Re-direct


Do you possess an outlook, perception & vision so different from those around you that it makes you stand apart from others at times?

Do you detest herd-mentality & take matters into your own hands, knowing & doing what you think is right & refuse to be cornered, subdued, subjugated, apprenticed or dictated?

Do you live life precariously, take calculated risks, are unafraid to speak your mind, don’t give a damn about people’s opinions & generally feel that you’re far ahead of your present times?

Do you feel a sense of satisfaction when you are over-burdened with challenges & responsibilities & yet somehow manage to overcome them through sheer will & perseverance?

Do you belong to the elite category of people who abhor mediocrity, rules, norms & regulations yet somehow manage to get your way despite all the opposition?

Do you taste an overwhelming sense of smug entitlement after having vanquished your haters & naysayers, knowing that you had it in you all along? To go that extra mile? To be the last one standing when everyone else cracked up?

Do you believe that you were born to be the “Greatest Ever”?

If you’ve identified yourself with most of these questions, then welcome to my platform, my friend 🙂

Here, I shall discuss tidbits about my life’s journey & a tad bit of everything else – the list is endless actually 😉

Of course, my primary focus will be on the aforementioned topics for which this domain stands but that does not mean I can’t re-post or address other matters right? 😛

What are you waiting for? 😛 Hit the button in the upper left-hand corner to check out my latest content or proceed downwards to the category toolbar & check out my posts right away!

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2 thoughts on “Read, Reflect, Review & Re-direct

  1. All the very best 🙂 Keep up the good work ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. All the very best & keep up the good work ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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